Our Approach

Multidisciplinary Clinical Care Team

Led by a physician champion, our care team includes a wound care nurse, hyperbaric technician, orthotists, and other specialty physicians with advanced training in wound care and hyperbaric medicine.

Comprehensive Care Plan

We partner with primary care and other care partners to address the patient’s comorbidities and contributing factors to their wound.

Active Patient Engagement and Education

We empower patients throughout the healing process, serving as a resource in person and via telemedicine to arm them with critical clinical care education at time of treatment and prevention information at discharge.

Community Awareness

We focus on high risk populations to increase wound awareness, prevention and causes; we help patients and providers identify when and how to utilize the wound center.

Innovative Technology and Treatments

We utilize the latest technology and treatment modalities so the wound care team is able to maximize clinical outcomes and cost-effectiveness.


Our delivery, documentation and billing of services are compliant with state and federal laws and regulatory bodies.


Our approach is both clinically and economically beneficial to patient care.


We identify strategic referral sources and target high risk populations through advanced digital techniques and relevant channels to increase awareness and early utilization of services.