Balancing Clinical Excellence with Economic Responsibility

The success of your outpatient wound care center must go further than simply providing treatment. Your success, and that of Wound Care Systems, depends on achieving a balance in clinical superiority and economic responsibility. Your patients and care partners rely on that balance and look to you to provide it.

With Wound Care Systems, we take you and your care partners beyond treating a chronic wound. We help you create a comprehensive wound healing model that includes community outreach and education around prevention, care and proper disease management. When paired with a strong clinical care team focused and trained on advanced wound care modalities and revenue cycle management, your patients and your care partners will experience a successful outpatient wound care center.

    Journal of the American College of Clinical Wound Specialists

  • Managing Wounds with Exposed Bone and Tendon with an Esterified Hyaluronic Acid Matrix (eHAM): A Case Series and Literature Review
    The loss of extracellular matrix in combination with the exposure of structures such as bone and tendon pose a major challenge; the development of granulation tissue and subsequent reepithelialization over these structures is extremely slow and often may not happen at all. Replacement of the matrix has been shown to... Read more »
  • Omegaven Improves Skin Morphometric Indices in Diabetic Rat Model Wound Healing
    The global prevalence of diabetes is estimated to be 200 million people, and it is likely to increase to 333 million people by 2025. Different cells, cytokines and growth factors are known to participate in three main phases of wound healing. Omega-3 fatty acids influence these factors during wound healing... Read more »
  • Maggot Infestation: Various Treatment Modalities
    The invasion of the skin and subcutaneous tissue by the larvae (Maggot) is known as Maggot infestation. It was found that farmers who are working in agricultural fields are more prone to this infestation. A case of 60 year old male patient with ulceration on leg for 10 days which... Read more »
  • Wound Management of Systemic Sclerosis using Maggots: Out-of-Sight Out-of-Mind
    A 54-year-old female patient with a diagnosis of systemic sclerosis presented with painful, necrotic and infected digital ulcers that occurred 9 months ago. During the course of nine months she reported to receive a total of 90 sessions of hyperbaric oxygen therapy at 2.4 atm absolute pressure for 2 hours each;... Read more »
  • The Kennedy Terminal Ulcer – Alive and Well
    Plaintiff attorneys may wish for the death of the Kennedy Terminal Ulcer, but this has actually been in the medical literature since 1877. Dr. Jean Martin Charcot (same physician known for his work with patients with Charcot foot) first described this phenomenon as Decubitus Ominosus.1... Read more »